WB market solutions®

India is an attractive production site, yet with a difficult market environment.

India – a strategic market of the future!

With 1.3 billion people - most of them younger than 25 years - and a growing purchasing power of the middle class, the conditions for products "Made in Europe" to meet a ready market in India seem favourable.

Also the purchasing of industrial goods from India for Europe, i.e. the sourcing of intermediate products and raw materials has continually become established in recent years.

Last but not least, the number of foreign companies that produce locally, research & develop or outsource services to India has grown significantly.

But at the same time India is also one of the most difficult markets of the world. Clocks seem to tick differently here, Indians to think differently and customers, employees and managers to act differently than the rest of the world. Additionally, information is likely to be manipulated or withheld. Transparency remains a challenge.

Consequentially, it is tricky for foreign companies to attain success in their Indian business activities and secure it in the long term.

Therefore, WB market solutions® has specialised in professional advice on activities regarding sales, purchasing and production in India for many years.

Being a quality brand of the Dr. Wamser + Batra Ltd., WB market solutions® consists of experts with practical experience, who possess first-hand experience of India and set up, run, optimized or even closed marketing organisations, supplier networks and production sites themselves.

  • Market Research

    Desk research and expert interviews. Market research and competitor analysis. Recommendations for action.

  • Sales Development & Optimisation

    Market entry consulting. Searching distributors or building a sales organisation. Optimisation of existing sales structures. Performance assessment & Benchmarking.

  • Initial Business Contact

    Set business goals.Identify tailor-made business partners.Organization of business meetings. Documentation, implementation planning and contract conclusion.

  • Procurement Market

    India as a sourcing location. Find suppliers and supervise them. Ensure compliance with quality specifications and deadlines.

  • Local Production

    India as a production site for the domestic market but also for the global value chain.